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Welcome to your health affiliate website. I am a middle aged mum who has an interest in health.  Having been a nurse for many years, to then becoming a Complementary Therapist and more recently a Foot Health Practitioner.  I have experience in many different aspect to aid ones health in a more natural way, and my ultimate aim is to pass on this information to you.

My Story

I had a passion from a young age to become an Aromatherapist which I realized much later in life. I went down many avenues in the health profession before realizing my dream of becoming trained in Aromatherapy. My passion lies in anything to do with essential oils, and I hope one day to have my own line of products.

Why I have decided to help others

I have found through my online searches many articles on everything to do with one’s health. I have always been dyslexic and found information with no images hard to follow. Therefore I have tried to write content more simply with many images to break up the text. This style is easier to follow. I hope you enjoy my approach and writing style. I aim to pass on my knowledge in a format that should suit every reader.

My goals

The purpose of my website is to engage with my audience and make information easier to understand. There is a wealth of information on every subject possible on the internet and a lot of it is written by people with no experience in the subjects they are writing about. I aim to write on many subjects which either I am trained in or have experience in using the approaches to health that I write about.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, please feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Bridget Thwaites

founder of your health affiliate

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Bridget Thwaites

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